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12 July 2013

Starr Fated Book Launch

I’m delighted to announce that my erotic romance debut novel Starr Fated is now available for you to buy from Amazon:

Amazon - ISBN : 978-0-9576745-0-9

Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the free Kindle App, and it works really well. Then you can read Starr Fated on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android phone or tablet, Windows 8 PC or tablet, Blackberry or Windows phone:

If this still doesn’t cover your reading device, Starr Fated is also available to buy from Smashwords:


Smashwords - ISBN : 978-0-9576745-1-6

Be aware that if you are browsing in Smashwords for any kind of adult genre books, you need to turn off the adult filter in the top right hand corner of their site.

G E Griffin