7 July 2013

~ Character Teaser ~

~ Jamie ~

'He was quite a lean build, as if he hadn't quite finished growing to fill out his tall frame yet. He looked to be in his early twenties, the same as me. His dirty blonde hair was messy and tousled, he had cheek bones to die for, and as he smiled, his soft blue eyes twinkled at me.'

~ Character Teaser ~

~ Liam ~

'Why do you call him The Big Guy? Is he massively obese or something?”
“Hardly. Liam gets up at the crack of dawn every day to go for a swim and a workout, so he’s very athletic and fit. And he’s even taller than Jamie.”
I grimaced as I pictured him. I was far more comfortable mixing with the less overtly macho type of guys I rubbed shoulders with at art college. Men who were in touch with their feminine side. I really wasn't into these big ripped guys.'