26 August 2013

STARR Fated New Book Cover

A sexy new cover for my book - that's the first piece of exciting news I have for you.

I'm also pleased to tell you that thanks to the proof reading efforts of both Sue B, and NM, there is a now a newly corrected version of STARR Fated available. So make sure you have your Amazon account set to 'on' for 'Automatic Book Updates' in the 'Manage Your Devices' section to receive your updated copy.

There is also a revised copy available to download from Smashwords for other e readers.

I will be releasing some teasers from STARR Destined shortly, to give you a Liam and Sera fix. For those of you  left hanging by the ending of STARR Fated, please have faith and bear with me, because I promise that you are not going to be disappointed with STARR Destined. That's all I can say right now without giving too much away!

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